Past Events

June 18, 2020 Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting to Elect Officers and Directors
January 16, 2020 Economic Outlook and Market Update
Tracie McMillion of Wells Fargo Private Bank
November 14, 2019 Planning for Business Transition in a Peak Economy
D. Grey Merryman of Wells Fargo Private Bank
September 19, 2019 Estate Planning in Times of Uncertainty
Caroline McKay, Head of Advanced Legal Team, John Hancock
May 15, 2019 Scams & Frauds
Hugh A. Harris, Esq.of NC Department of Justice
March 20, 2019 Supporting Adults with Cognitive Impairment Issues
Dorian Sylvester & Hannah Vaughn of The Corporation of Guardianship
January 16, 2019 Economic & Market Update
Tom Jalics, CFA of Fifth Third Private Bank
November 14, 2018 Choices in Philanthropy: Comparing Donor Advised Funds and Private Foundations
Jennifer L. J. Koenig, Esq. and Edward D. Chaney, Esq. of Schell Bray PLLC
September 26, 2018 Tax Planning for 2018 After the 2017 Tax Act
Keith Hiatt CPA AEP of Breslow Starling Frost Warner Boger Hiatt, PLLC
May 16, 2018 Life Insurance-how it really works and what can go wrong
Tom Commito of Lincoln Financial Group
March 14, 2018 The Status of Medicaid Planning and Planning Opportunities for Veterans
A. Frank Johns, Attorney-Booth Harrington & Johns
February 15, 2018 Economic and Market Update
Bryan Cassetta of Fifth Third Bank
November 15, 2017 Ten Things You Didn't Know About Gifts (or the Gift Tax)
Keith Wood of Carruthers & Roth PA
September 27, 2017 Unraveling prior plans with a $5M estate exemption
Adam Tarleton of Brooks Pierce
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